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Tech Fire Protection professional Extinguisher services

Based out of Los Angeles, Tech Fire Protection is a mobile service (We Come to you) that specializes in recharging, certification, and sales of all portable fire extinguishers. We offer prompt service, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service to meet all your fire extinguisher needs. Our services meet the requirements mandated by state and local officials, as well as Insurance companies. The California State Fire Marshal has licensed  Tech Fire Protection E-3085 to perform service on all types of portable fire extinguishers in the state of California. We are fully licensed and Insured.

Our story

Established in 2017.

After working for a company for 6 plus years, I decided that I wanted to start my own company. I always treated each client with respect and honesty, eventhough I was just an employee of someone else’s company. I was a one man field tech that took on a solid workload most of the time, while I maintained good relationships and provided excellent service. I now can deliver and continue these qualities as I build my business.

About the Owner

As a business owner, I am fully committed to make every customer happy. I understand that there are many options to chose from and I appreciate the opportunity to satisfy your fire extinguisher protection needs. I am a hands on working owner, so I will ensure  that our customer service is nothing short of exceptional to all new or existing clients. I look forward to building a relationship no matter how many fire extinguishers you need serviced. While I’m not in the field protecting properties and businesses, I enjoy playtime with my kids.

James V.
Tech Fire Protection 

Owner James V.

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